33 Breaths: A Little Book on Meditation is a primer on prayer and meditation for the       busy, modern Christian.

Breathing is the most basic thing we do in life and can be a spiritual discipline. You may think of God breathing into Adam, into the dry bones of Israel and Jesus breathing into His disciples at the Resurrection. When you breathe mindfully, slowly, you can be more in touch with God in your body and gathering within God's providence and presence.

Father Lombardi introduces Catholics and other Christians to the the interior life of meditation, which is either neglected or rejected in today's world, due to busyness and disconnection from the sacred past. Many people know how to pray but lack the practical know-how and inspiration to enter into meditation.  

"33 Breaths" is a "how-to" guide for frustrated faith folks to form a lifestyle of prayer - instead of just talking about it.

Everyone can take at least "33 Breaths" during the day. Catch your breath, pray, and focus on God, 
just as Jesus did during his "33" years on earth.


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